Created by Nature - Photographed by Michael L. Smith

Michael L. Smith is an internationally known wildlife photographer. For forty nine years he has been observing and photographing wildlife, concentrating mostly on birds and working exclusively with 70mm hasselblad equipment.  The intimate relationships he develops with his subjects and his deep appreciation of the birds’ intelligence are evident in his photographs. He offers revealing glimpses into their lives and behavior, as well as their breathtaking beauty.  Mr. Smith likes to work close to his subjects, developing a keen understanding of their lives.  This knowledge, together with his artistic eye and deep love of nature, has resulted in photographs that captivate with their beauty and further our understanding of the natural world.


His photograph “The Mad Bluebird” is perhaps the most purchased, recognized, and loved bird photograph in the world. It has sold well over one hundred thirty thousand copies as a custom made, signed print. There are now over nineteen different items for sale made by The Gold Crest Distrubating Company, llc. Additionally, there is a hand painted sculpture of the Mad Bluebird, the mold for which was carved for Mr. Smith by Ernest Muehlmatt and molded in Pennsylvania. Now only about one hundred fifteen of the sculptures are left, of the one thousand six hundred made.


Mr. Smith’s work has appeared in such publications as National Geographic Magazine, (Song of Hope for the Bluebird, June 1977; Osprey Populations Soar to Old Heights, August 1990.) His photograph “The Mad Bluebird," was the cover of a National Geographic brochure advertising their book  “Wonders of Birds." His photographs are to be found in many other books, magazines, covers, posters, and calendars. His photograph, “Bluebirds of a Feather," was used by the Hasselblad Camera Co. in an advertising campaign. He has been featured on NBC-TV’s “News Center 4," ABC-TV’s “PM Magazine," and WJZ Channel-TV’s “Evening Magazine."  Mr. Smith was featured  in the January 4, 2000 issue of the Baltimore Sun newspaper. The article, written by the Sun’s Lisa Pollak, was picked up by several major newspapers across the country. From June to July 2011 his exhibit was held at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History, in Jamestown, New York.


As photography enters a new phase with the introduction of digital processing, many of Mr. Smith's photographs have been transformed from their original, un-altered transparencies to a digital format for printing.


Mr. Smith for many years has lectured on his wildlife photography for the Victor Hasselblad camera company, photo club, and nature clubs.  His photograph "And You Thought My Grandfather Was Mad" won first place in National Wildlife Federation's 2008 Backyard Bird photo contest.



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